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Garnering high-quality incoming links to your site is still one of the best ways to improve your website’s page rankings, credibility, and targeted traffic. They are seen by search engines as a vote of confidence for your website, making links an important ranking signal.
But as search engines continue to crack down on low-quality and spammy links, a careless link building strategy can do much more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to only trust your link building strategies to experts with proven experience.
Established in 2006, iEntrepreneur’s professional link-building services focus on seeking out potential linking opportunities with quality sites that are germane to your business or industry. At the heart of our link building strategies lies extensive research, effective digital PR, content marketingsocial media, and good, old-fashioned relationship building.
We pursue every link opportunity with a critical eye, evaluating each potential link’s value against established criteria. We are only interested in obtaining links from authoritative, high-quality websites that will boost your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Backlink Profile Review

Almost every site has links from other sites. Over the years Google has made many improvements to their algorithm. One update, Panda, dealt specifically with link quality. We want to ensure your site isn’t being penalized by having spammy links pointing to it that signal manipulative link building practices.
We will manually sift through your backlink profile to make sure the links currently pointing to your site are from the high-authority websites that will improve your search engine visibility, not the unnatural or manipulative links that will sink your performance.
With a thorough analysis of your backlink profile, we will target harmful links to remove or disavow in the search engines. Ensuring you have a clean link portfolio will help establish a strong foundation for any future link building efforts and support the value of your site with healthy link signals.

Short- and Long-term Link Building Strategies

Getting quality links fast can be challenging. That’s why we employ a mix of relatively simple, short-term link building strategies along with effective long-term methods:

Short-Term SEO Link Acquisition Strategies

  • Journalist requests: We monitor websites, Facebook and WhatsApp groups know when a journalist is writing about your industry. Responding to these requests helps bring inbound links to your website and exposure to your company.
  • News releases: The old-fashioned print press releases have given way to online press release services that allow you to submit news, events, product launches, etc., to several industry and news publications at once. We look for opportunities to submit press releases that compel sites to link to yours.
  • Influencer outreach: We can invite influencers to submit guest blog posts to your site. Those influencers are likely to share the post in their social networks and may link to it from their site.
  • Contests: Contests promoted via email and social media are another underused technique we can implement to build your fan base and get backlinks.

Long-term SEO Link Acquisition Strategies

  • Digital PR: We’ll help you build relationships with media outlets, trade publications, and bloggers.
  • Content Creation: One of the best way to earn quality links is to consistently create valuable content people want to link to. With our content marketing services, we can create and/or edit content for maximum impact.
  • Social media: Sharing that quality content on social media (“socializing” it) is a great way to encourage clicks and links. We can help you perfect your social media strategy and even implement it with our social media marketing services.

Build Quality Backlinks with iEntrepreneur

Digital marketing evolves almost as fast as Google’s algorithm. Link building techniques that rocked the world yesterday may no longer impact your organic search engine rankings today.
We stay on top of the latest changes in our industry, so we know which link building practices work the best today and which ones may be tomorrow’s elixir of life. And because we’re a digital marketing company, we can ensure that your backlink strategy works in concert with all your other online efforts.

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