SEO Starts with Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research forms the basis for nearly every digital marketing effort and is essential to successful search engine optimization (SEO).

People are looking for something in particular when they’re searching the web — the answers to their problems, information about the services available to them or sources for the product they want. If you want your business to be discovered by users on the web, your content needs to be optimized for search intent.

Good keyword research warrants matching the searchers intent with the most relevant content and improve keyword rankings. Understanding search intent allows us to build more strategic  keyword lists and  understand how to best target a given keyword and where that keyword fits into our overall SEO and content marketing strategy.

iEntrepreneur’s keyword research will help ensure this critical step of your digital marketing campaign is done right. Established in 2010, iEntrepreneur conducts experienced yet forward-thinking keyword research.

We rejected keyword stuffing and other outdated practices long before was common to do so. Instead, we target keywords that match the searchers intent and fit in each page’s natural theme. The ultimate goal is to uncover keywords around which you can build authoritative content that both the search engines and users love.

Our Proven Process

Search Intent

There are a number of ways to go about researching keywords. The following 4-phase process has proven to be effective for us and our clients:

  1. Core-Term Research: We comb the website noting all major and minor keyword themes presented. Then we dig into additional tools to find even more core term variations that will bring in relevant traffic.
  2. Search Phrase Research: Taking each core term, we search even deeper. At this phase, we are looking for any and all relevant core term qualifiers to produce a targeted list of thousands of highly-targeted phrases. This includes “long-tail keywords,” specific 3- to 4-word phrases. While long-tail keywords tend to have lower search volume, they generally bring in traffic that is closer to making a purchasing decision.
  3. Analysis and Elimination: We begin eliminating less-relevant or poor-performing phrases that won’t provide you with good ROI, leaving only those phrases that should be added to your site. This analysis also takes into account the difficulty of succeeding with each phrase and whether your business can meet the demand successful optimization may create.
  4. Segmenting: We sort, categorize and organize all your keywords into targeted keyword groups segmented by intent type and decide whether and how to target a term based on searcher’s intent. Using the intent buckets we amend existing content or create new content matching the intent of the user.designed to make optimization easy and effective.

This process is unique because it allows us to select the high-traffic, primary keywords per page along with a tightly knit group of highly-targeted “supporting” keywords matching the users intent, based on themes the research produced. We work closely with you to ensure that all keywords are highly relevant and produce a measurable flow of targeted traffic to your site.

Ongoing Keyword Research

Keyword research isn’t a one-time process. There are always more optimization opportunities. Yet many SEO companies limit the scope of their keyword research, charging you more for additional analysis.

We understand that ongoing optimization is an integral part of the long-term marketing success we bring to your business. iEntrepreneur never stops pursuing those keyword research opportunities for you.

Get keyword analysis that generates highly targeted, high-converting traffic. Contact us for a proposal today.

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