Increase Traffic, Accelerate Conversions

When it comes to digital marketing, paid search and advertising are the yin to search engine optimization’s yang. With a long-term goal of dominating search results for keywords that will help grow your business, you need a paid search consultant who knows how to reinforce your long-term SEO strategy, resulting in an overall lift of visitors and conversions. While SEO, when done properly, may take several months to gain rankings, well executed paid search campaigns can be a great vehicle for delivering highly targeted traffic to your website, pronto. 

At iEntrepreneur, our search engine marketing consulting is designed to increase your traffic flow, improve visitor quality and accelerate conversions. Because we’re more than just a SEM company, we have the experience and the know-how it takes to place your site on search engines almost instantly using quality keyword- and visitor targeted ads. Our Google-certified SEM consultant will handle every detail of your conversion tracking, provide A/B ad testing and monitor landing page effectiveness.

SEM Consultants Increase Campaign ROI

Skip the stress (and expense) that can come with handling your own search marketing campaign. When you choose iEntrepreneur’s SEM consulting, you’ll get competitively priced SEM service options that will decrease your ad spending while increasing visitors, sales and return on investment. Our specialist can provide everything you need to succeed in the sponsored ad market!

Our experts carefully craft and track each ad for maximum conversions, not just click-through’s – which translates into more value for your business. And after you ranked well for targeted keywords, you can use SEM to gather intelligence for new directions and greater success in your general digital marketing efforts.

SEM consulting includes:

  • Set-up. SEM set-up encompasses comprehensive keyword research to ensure your SEM campaigns will be effective at delivering high-quality, targeted traffic to your site. This research helps us organize your campaigns effectively to produce the most clicks for the least amount of money, and most importantly – higher conversions. This keyword research can also complement SEO efforts.
  • Monthly SEM management. We monitor each ad created to ensure it’s producing desired results, tweaking it for better conversions and implementing or adjusting better performing landing pages. We’ll manage your ads to ensure you get the best (not necessarily the highest) rankings that produce the optimal return on investment. We perform ongoing A/B ad testing to ensure each ad group is getting the best possible click through rate, as well as focusing on the most targeted traffic possible.
  • Landing Pages: In order to maximize your return on investment even further, we can build and/or optimize your landing pages as needed for maximum conversions.
We allow you to maintain total control of your monthly budget and marketing expenses as we add, remove, replace or adjust ads to meet your cost-per-conversion goals. You will gain long-term return on investment growth as your campaign is tracked and optimized for maximum performance.

Search Platforms

You can’t make a sale unless your prospects know you exist. On the web, if you’re not in search results, you’re leaving money on the table. Google AdWords, Bing adCenter and other paid search platforms are an immediate way to open the doors to your site and do business with prospects hanging out in the “parking lot.” Your competitors are there, and your prospects are doing business with them.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords sets the standard for search advertising. Consistently gaining over 60% market share, AdWords is the place to start to acquire targeted prospects and conversions to your site through this advertising channel. Almost instantly, you can start doing profitable business by placing ads on Google search results pages for keywords searchers are using to research and purchase what you offer.

We use advanced paid search management techniques to build and optimize campaigns in AdWords to continually improve and maximize your profits for long-term business success.

Bing adCenter

Bing adCenter has matured along with other advertising channels. In late 2010, Microsoft’s adCenter began to power Yahoo! search results, giving them approximately 30% market share. This combination makes Bing an important player in the paid search advertising space and an important part of any paid search advertising strategy.

Other Paid Search Platforms

The viability and success of paid search as an advertising channel on the web has motivated numerous web sites to get involved in the space, thereby creating more opportunity for businesses to reach targeted prospects on the web. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), local business directories (Just Dial) and other types of sites give you more opportunity than ever to reach your prospects with advertising messages that will interest them.

Our Paid Search Services

Pay-Per-Click – When people search the web for what you offer, are they finding you? We’ll make sure they do and that you get the best ROI out of your PPC campaign in the process.

Display Advertising – Place highly targeted ads on specific websites to bring the right prospects into your sales funnel.

Remarketing – Recapture past website visitors to persuade them to complete the conversion process or do business with you again. We employ advanced remarketing techniques to help you build a loyal customer base.

Landing Page Optimization – The results of your paid search ads are heavily dependent on landing pages that deliver on the promise of your ads and compel visitors to convert. We know how to create landing pages that will turn visitors into customers.

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