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What Is Local Search?

If a company meets with its customers directly — either through a storefront or service area — it’s termed a “local business” and a unique set of techniques and skills used to increase its visibility on the Internet is referred to as “local search,” or local search engine marketing.

Mobile Marketing For Small Business

Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

Even though India is today the second largest market for smartphones in the world, only a quarter or so of the population has access to smart devices. Add that to other factors such as the lack of internet infrastructure, and mobile connectivity issues. People think mobile marketing is not a major marketing medium to consider. If you agree to this line of thought, you’re wrong. Here’s why:

Content Community Commerce

Integrating Content, Commerce and Advertising

The social networks represents 17.4% of social media revenue for eCommerce sites, a figure expected to grow to 40% (according to Converto). Multiplatform optimization will play an increasingly important role for the ongoing integration of content and eCommerce as brands continue to build meaningful connections with customers across all platforms.

Readers are now more sophisticated, compiling personal newsfeeds and relying on Facebook and Twitter friends to serve as their editors. E-commerce sites like Groupon are hiring writers, publishing editorial content and are becoming more like magazines. Rather than relying on someone else’s content, they are now investing in their own, wrapping it around the products in an editorial style.

We are rapidly entering a world which is no longer confined to specific sites or apps, is spread across a decentralized universe of endless blogs and social platforms. Brands must navigate this mix of inspiration and transactional content to deliver a new retail experience and consider their role as editors and curators carefully.

India's eCommerce market

India’s eCommerce market

Off late there has been some interesting activity in India’s eCommerce market: Flipkart and Myntra merged in a 2,000 crore deal, FICCI tied up with eBay and Amazon brought in the marketplace model. The government is likely to announce its FDI policy in eCommerce along with the budget next month. I’m writing this post to educate my readers […]

Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing Indian SMEs

Many Businesses are still location based and are serving people from their area only. If you fall into that category, it’s important for you that your clients would be able to find you, but don’t waste time and money to try and rank high on the internet on the national or international level.

With the advent of mobile devices and other location based services, directing consumers to nearby physical locations is becoming more and more sophisticated.