Mobile Marketing For Small Business

Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

The world has gone ‘mobile’, and mobile marketing is one of the best mediums to reach out to your potential customers seamlessly and to generate sales. This truly is the next big thing, and must not be overlooked by small business owners.

Limited business funds are a major concern for many startups and small businesses. As such, mobile marketing, a highly cost-effective marketing solution, comes to the rescue of startup entrepreneurs and SME owners helping them reaching out to customers within limited budgets.

Mobile penetration in India was at 23.9% in 2015 and accounted for 69.1% of total mobile traffic. Even though India is today the second largest market for smartphones in the world, only a quarter or so of the population has access to smart devices. Add that to other factors such as the lack of internet infrastructure, and mobile connectivity issues. People think mobile marketing is not a major marketing medium to consider. If you agree to this line of thought, you’re wrong. Here’s why:

Mobile marketing isn’t all internet based

Mobile marketing is about marketing on mobile devices – which includes feature phones, not just marketing on smartphones alone. When it comes to feature phones, mobile penetration in India is at about 77%.

According to TRAI, the country’s telecom regulator, India’s mobile phone subscriber base exceeded the 1 billion users mark in early 2016. Owing to the rapidly reducing cost of smartphones in India, a large percentage of this base is expected to jump onto smartphones in the next 2 years . Many good smartphones are available at the below ₹ 6,000 ($90 mark).

SMS marketing campaigns work

Not all SMS marketing campaigns in India adhere to global best practices. But with all the irritation and annoyance they evoke, SMS marketing campaigns have worked well for businesses in rural and urban areas.

  • Every second urban Indian acknowledges receiving a marketing SMS
  • 37% of Indians receive ringtones, wallpapers or game SMS from businesses
  • 95% of text messages are read within 4 minutes
  • SMS campaigns have a response rate of 45%
  • 46% marketers said that SMS marketing campaigns was their primary e-marketing activity in 2016.

India is also seeing some truly successful mobile apps, especially in fintech, travel, entertainment and sports. Apps are being used by brands for alerts, customer notifications, marketing offers and promotions as well.

Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp marketing has become a huge thing in India too with small and large businesses using the platform with 70M monthly subscribers. Whatsapp which combines different messaging mediums like text, audio, video, graphics, etc across mobile platforms is a very cost effective mobile marketing medium.

Metrics And RoI

Marketers in India already see mobile as a key part of their efforts — even if spending is still relatively low. 71% of digital marketers in India believe that mobile marketing is core to their business and And nearly as many (68%) have integrated mobile into their overall marketing strategy.

India has more than 460 million internet users, which constitutes less than 40 percent of the total Indian population. The country represents a huge market opportunity for mobile marketing companies.

Mobile marketing makes total sense in India as much as in any other developed country. Our outreach efforts may have to change but the results prove that mobile is an effective marketing medium for Indian consumers. All things considered, a mobile marketing strategy (just like any other strategy) for your small business should not be established and then ignored. Evaluate the improvements; measure the developments; hold on to what works and avoid what doesn’t. Modify your mobile strategy until you get the desired results.

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