How to Choose the right College

How to choose the right College

It is heartening to see that the youth is gradually embracing vocational courses at par with the conventional courses and at the same time have a final say in the deciding their career path unlike the old days. However, with multiple options comes the problem of choices and hence it is critical that personal interest matches the professional expectations while choosing the college.

Private institutions have changed the ballgame of the education industry.  Government institutions surely have an edge over the private institutions when it comes to credibility and suit the pocket but not all applicants find their way through due to competition, cut off percentages etc. Therefore do keep few points in mind before you finally enroll in an educational institution:

1)      Source information:  Need an answer? Google it. Try and seek as much information as possible before you join a college. Check websites that give platform to students to share reviews. Speak to the alumni. Visit the college and speak to students and get a fair idea on the quality of education. If the college has credibility in the market you may not want to try this but this would give you a sense of environment you would be studying in. Nevertheless it will help you decrease your assumptions about a college. Finding information on any college that has been in existence for less than 10 -15 years is mandatory.

2)      Course and curriculum Firstly, does this college have the course you want to pursue? If yes, go through the curriculum and refer it to an industry source. A person who is already working in the field you wish to pursue will have a better view on the course than anybody else.  Also check if it provides an internship opportunity where you get enough exposure while working in a real office environment.

3)      Check the result sheet In a college where more than 60% marks are below passing marks or just meet the passing marks is not a good choice. This directly shows that the breed of students enrolling in the college is below average. For 2 years that you spend in the college, would you want to be among the best minds or below average minds?  An environment that is conducive to attain quality education is where you should put your bet on.

4)      Infrastructure –Well you do not want a college that doesn’t give you any facilities other than a classroom, do you? A college needs to give you an environment where you do not just develop your knowledge but also grow holistically. It needs to give you avenues to develop your skills and interests. A college that appears to be ‘out-of-order’ probably is.  Colleges who invest in infrastructure have a long-term plan and vision.

5)      Placements Everything boils down to placements when choosing a college. If a college boasts of placing its students in the top company, first cross check the information and check at what designation the student is placed and at what package.  From a class of 50 if 3 students are placed on a 4 lakh and rest are placed on 2 lakh, it is better to avoid the same. A good college must have a 95% placement rate , if not drop it from the list. Once you know that the pay packets ranges from say 3 – 6 lakh per annum in a college, do not expect a 10 lakh offer with a cabin from your placement company. Be realistic to avoid heartbreak.

6)      Alumni Network Any college with a strong alumni network benefits in the longer run. When you start working, ‘contacts’ help you go a long way. More than often these alumni would recruit students in their own companies.  While people skills will also help you in building a professional network, a good alumni support makes this job easier

Unfortunately grades and percentile play a major role in pursuing a course from the best colleges. It is integral therefore that your groundwork and scores are higher so that you do not have to compromise later on. Putting in some hard work in getting a good score is half battle won. And when the time comes to choose the college, make sure you remember the above mentioned points.

All the best!

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