Social Media in the classroom

Social media plays a crucial role in education in schools, colleges and universities. The social media revolution has a hugely positive potential for the education system to help engage and develop students.

Build Your Brand With social Media

Build Your Brand With Social Media

Social Media is an increasingly important brand building tool that businesses of all sizes are using to connecting with their target audience, acquiring new customers and building their branded image online.

The key to branding and marketing is to reach an audience with a message, so you need to be in the venues that your audience are occupying.

Mobile Marketing for Travel Agents

Mobile Marketing for Travel Agents

In this SoLoMo age, travel brands must ensure they have the basic foundation for any successful SoLoMo strategy. To get started, travel brands must have a mobile website optimized with fresh, local content and location-based offers; accurate and optimized listings on local mobile directories;  and mobile engagement via SMS and social platforms.