Our Digital Marketing Process is proven. Our Passion is energetic. We will boost your business to new levels of success.

Being experts in our field we are a process and performance focused agency, looking to partner clients, then follow the process that builds a clear understanding of the business and its stakeholders.

Through years of experience, a successful marketing process has evolved with us. This delivers results and creates delightful client engagements.

Our digital Marketing process team keeps fine-tuning the process and methodologies often, to make sure it incorporates the best practices and cutting-edge marketing methodologies available. 

Our proven process is documented and followed by everyone on the team to ensure that quality is kept high, goals, deadlines and budget demands are met, and missteps minimized. It’s our roadmap to success!

It’s also a great way to set expectations with our clients, and onboard new team members.

Here is an overview of the different stages in our process.


A sophisticated process, made simple.

  • We meet with you (via phone or in person) to truly understand your business, the marketplace, and perhaps most importantly, your objectives
  • We develop a custom strategy to accomplish your business objectives within your budget
  • We execute your custom strategy
  • We report the results to you each month, then refine the strategy based on your campaign results and any changes in the competitive landscape
  • We continue to revise and enhance your campaign(s) and strive to achieve continually improving results



We’re technical, we’re strategic, and we’re nimble.


We take the time to ask questions and understand your needs to save you money and headaches during the technical development process. For technical website builds, we will guide you through the every step of the way.

Here is iEntrepreneur’s Proven Process:


A critical and interactive stage where we understand the business nuances. We gain insights through conversations, past data & thorough research. This research has all brand stakeholders as participants. Leading to an in-depth understanding of actual customer’s personas.



Once the audit is in place we set an action plan. An idea can sound great but it may not be smart if it isn’t executable.


Once we have your website audit, competitive analysis, defined buyer personas and mapped keywords, we create a game plan.

A plan is created based on the chosen strategy, resources, and quarterly schedules.

Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan

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The execution phase includes creating engaging content, promoting lead nurturing campaigns, workflows, establishing the sales funnel, PR articles and guest blogging services.




This phase lets you know, how we have performed our job. Traffic evaluation, analytics, and ROI are compiled in monthly and weekly formats. We review and iterate the process every month. This helps in reducing the average cost per acquisition.

Measure and Optimize


We get very excited explaining the tremendous opportunity digital marketing represents to companies just like yours. If you’re curious, reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk. The best part? It only takes 30 minutes of your time, it’s free and without any obligation on your part.

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