Our Entrepreneurial Journey

Akele hi chale thay jaanib e manzil hum,
log judte gaye aur kaarwan ban gaya

iEntrepreneur was born with the vision of meeting the need of small and medium businesses…to provide them dedicated, talented professionals working on developing and enhancing their digital presence and outreach. This need would only become more pressing over the years as integrated digital marketing would disrupt traditional mediums and marketing practices.  This conviction kick started our entrepreneurial journey.

On March 25th 2009, we started our entrepreneurial journey with a vision to providing a solution to the marketing challenges of SMEs in and around Chandigarh faced, in competing with larger companies.

Juggling and balancing priorities, dealing with multitude day-to-day responsibilities, these small business owners are some of the hardest working people I know. I realized that they could never win on price, but they could compete on value and service; the more specialized their product, the better. SMEs are more flexible and adaptable to meet customers’ needs. Through the clever use of integrated digital marketing solutions, incorporating social, content/commerce/community, location and mobile, they can make their brand more ‘lovable’ that would give them the edge.

EXECUTION. That’s what makes the Difference.

Operational excellence is at the core of everything we do at iEntrepreneur. In today’s competitive global marketplace, excellence is not an option but essential to success. For our clientage, our operational excellence model is the key to global business competitiveness. Our model is designed to help our clients maximize their business results by applying expertise, technology and process knowledge.

Starting as “the little company that could,” iEntrepreneur has consistently focused on its commitments to clients, staff, and the community. These commitments are reflected in our values, and embody what we call the “iEntrepreneur difference.”

Over the years iEntrepreneur has been strategising and executing digital campaigns across channels for client projects, ranging but not limited to the travel, hospitality, real-estate, education, medical/healthcare, financial (banking, financial services, and insurance), automotive, and political sectors pan-India. The focus for us has always been around providing performance driven digital marketing solutions – helping clients grow their business beyond expectations. We’re truly unlocking the next generation of integrated digital marketing.

Between March 2009 and now, we’ve been through countless experiences…ups, downs, highs, lows, achievements, disappointments;  yet every minute has been priceless and incredible to say the least. With every one of the experiences, we’ve learned and evolved as a company are future ready.