The Future of Search: Keyword research is dead

Rohit Kuttappan

A genial, soft spoken and friendly professional, Rohit helps SMEs in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi area to build a positive social reputation and have maximum conversion rate in online marketing by running effective campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google , YouTube and high traffic websites. Rohit has been involved in the marketing efforts of a number of start-ups and have consulted and managed the social media campaign of some small and medium businesses. He is well experienced in digital marketing for education, hospitality and Realty verticals.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    If you have not yet figured it out, keyword research is ubiquitous.  People will not and do not search for the same thing.  Search activity change throughout the course of the year and not just based on seasonality.  Trending topics change frequently, your industry might change frequently.  The keywords, questions and phrases that people search for will continue to fluctuate.

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