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Keywordless SEO

The Future of SEO is Keywordless

It is important to understand that the “answer engines” that Google and other major search engine companies ultimately hope to be are already here. They are just in a stage of transition. The field of search engine optimization is already moving away from building indexable websites. Today’s website needs entities to provide answers to specific questions. The mapping of entities makes it easier for search engines to produce rich, personalized search results, translating in a higher conversion rate for website owners.

link building for seo

Why Link Building Is Still Important For SEO

Link building has always been an important part of search engine algorithms, its importance has risen and declined over the years as different versions of Google’s algorithm were enforced. A simple truth still remains—link building plays an integral part in ranking and prominent link placement can help your site rise in the SERPS. Back links, content, and RankBrain are Google’s top three confirmed ranking signals. Back links remain absolutely essential despite industry buzz suggesting they are loosing their SEO value. In January 2017, Marcela De Vivo wrote in Search Engine Watch, “If you’re wondering what factors to consider as you build...

Rechristening SEO

Rechristening SEO

Optimise for the users search experience, not search engines. Search engines don’t buy products, people do. It’s time to re brand SEO as Search Experience Optimisation.

Marketing Funnel

The Future of Search: Keyword research is dead

Ensuring your success on search engines is identifying the right search terms for your SEO efforts. Else the rest of your SEO efforts are doomed to fail. Focusing on right keywords is the glue that holds the entire SEO process together. Creating content without thought to search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords runs the risk of short-changing your SEO strategy; and the company’s ability to grab its fair share of relevant search engine traffic — for branding, conversions and more. Keyword research, then, is about getting the right visitors to your site; this enables prediction of market shifts and conditions and...

semantic search - future of seo

Google Authorship, Semantic Search and the Future of SEO

Semantic search and the semantic web are affecting everything: from the way marketing is done to how online dating works, even how you look for a job. More than that semantic search is the beginning of the convergence of traditional “online” with “offline” — the two will become one and the same, characterised by different bandwidth and available functionality.

UX, Funnel, Page Flow and Conversion Rate Optimization

UX, Funnel, Page Flow and Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the method of using analytics and user feedback to improve your websites’ performance. Conversion Rate Optimization is finding why visitors aren’t converting and fixing it. Any Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy should begin with you putting yourself in your visitors’ shoes and looking closely at your site— specifically your Conversion Funnel. What are the barriers standing in your visitors’ path to conversion? Here are some of the important areas you should look at: Is it easy to trust your site? Is your Call to Action clear and easy to find? Are your Graphics relevant, well-placed, clean, and unique? Or are they...



a blend of both SMO and SEO is a great way to grow the business and have a successful website. What actually makes the online marketing plan a successful one is the smart synergy of SEO and SMO.

SEO For Social Web

SEO for the Social Web

Social SEO The Web 2.0 phenomenon has evolved over the years—social sites have changed how we interact online and market to leads. Google Social Search, now ranks sites based on their social media popularity. This allows small businesses to have stronger rankings than traditional search methods, because a few referrals can carry enough weight to shoot you higher up the rankings. This should go without saying, but if you haven’t jumped on the social marketing bandwagon, you now have an even stronger business incentive to do so. Add social media buttons on your site and blog so visitors can promote your...

socialization of search

The socialization of search

The socialization of search is more than just Tweeted URLs or Facebook Likes or LinkedIn Shares having a positive impact on generic rankings, it’s about influencing your social graph to see the content you share in their search results.

Suddenly, a huge social reach is a competitive advantage in SEO. If you’re doing SEO today, I think it’s no longer possible to ignore the growth of your social connections as a big part of your SEO strategy. Twitter followers, Facebook connections, LinkedIn account size and engagement across these won’t just be social metrics; they’ll be KPIs for SEO, too.